Edelweiss PROFILE

Edelweiss is a rare white flower found high in the ALPS Swiss Mountains, it is the ultimate love charms of the mountains. Edelweiss in German language means ‘noble and white’.

Edelweiss entire range of planters are manufactured out of a premium range of aluminium (99.7% pure aluminium ingots) thus offering a high quality of superior finish.

Edelweiss planters are leak proof, corrosion resistance and fire resistant. Edelweiss planter pots are aesthetically designed to give elegance to the environment. The best way to bring a sense of life to your indoor space is with plants and Edelweiss planter pots will achieve its purpose.

Edelweiss customers are Corporate houses, major five star hotels, Dubai International airport and the Dubai Police Headquarter to name a few.

Edelweiss Planter pots are exported to GCC countries and a few European Countries.